A Complete Seed-to-Sale Cannabis Platform

Leveraging the Power of Blockchain and AI Technology

Smart. Secure. Simple. Canna on Block is a complete seed to sale platform that delivers transparency, reliability, and compliance powered by secure Blockchain technology.

Our All-in-One cannabis business solution eliminates the need for multiple applications and streamlines your business process.

  • State Regulatory Compliance
  • Plant Life Cycle
  • Inventory
  • Clients and Vendors
  • Financial Transactions

Why CannaOnBlock?

Our Data-Driven Platform Provides Traceability, Auditability, Trust, Security & Automation

Built with state of the art technology and driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), our Canna On Block platform contains all the features that streamline operations, fuel growth, and help build a strong relationship with vendors, customers, and regulators.

Easy Synchronization

Minimize manual data entry with accounting software integration. Once synced with QuickBooks (and other major players,) data is streamlined, helping to manage invoices, billing, orders, and other financial transactions more easily.

Streamlined Reporting

Fully integrated with METRC track-and-trace system. Latest compliance standards are automatically updated, ensuring operations maintain compliance standards so reporting is accurate and seamless.

Automated Processes

Inventory automation improves production cycles. Closely monitor thousands of plants in easy-to-use cultivation grid while individual plant health is analyzed to provide most suitable growing environment.

Actionable Insights

Manage customer habits and preferences. Comprehensive overview of client behavior creates opportunities to increase frequency and amount of sale.

Highly Customizable

Item locations are automatically traced and updated. Manage rack, shelf or tray inventories for different plant phases while storing, curing, harvesting, or processing inventory.

Absolute Security

Permission-based Blockchain using Hyperledger. Fully secured solution adhering to all Privacy, PII & PCI Compliance by leveraging Blockchain’s distributed architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, Canna On Block integrates fully with METRC in Alaska, California, Colorado, D.C, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, and Oregon, meaning all your essential data is synced with METRC through this API integration. COB also generates reconciliation worksheets and transport manifests along with other compliance documents.
Yes, Canna On Block is compatible with accounting software such as QuickBooks. When integrated, bank, order, invoicing, and vendor data will available in both platforms.
Our experts from the implementation team will work with you to complete data-migration, implementation, and training.
Once implemenation and initial training have been completed, customers are given access to our online support forum, chat application, and phone/email support.
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